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ADAU1761 I2C burst read sequence

Question asked by IDusko on Dec 8, 2014
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This is my first experience with ADAU1761. I have uploaded the firmware and registers using I2C burst write SAM D20 and I have a sound at the output, just as it is supposed to. However I would like to be able to confirm that the ram/registers content is as intended after uploading (or during the programming). 


Programming start with writing 0x7F to 0x40EB. However if I immediatelly try to read out data written and verify I do not get the same value. So I am thinking:


1. Maybe it is not possible to do so and that I cannot verify all transfers this way?

2. My burst reading sequence is not correct?

My burst read sequence starts with address write 0x70, followed by the two address bytes write, eached followed by the ADAU1761 ack (I can observe also some clock streching).

After this write 0x71  with slave ack is issued and there it goes not as expected.

After 0x71 SDA and ack, SDA remains low for the next 9 clocks. If I check the diagrams in the datasheet I would expect that this 9 clocks period would retrieve 0x7F value not zeroes.


Is there anything I am missing?


3. Is there any other suitable way to confirm that correct content is uploaded?