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Two AD9910 Multichip synchronization using Evaluation Software

Question asked by adi13 on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by adi13

Hey everyone,


I have a bunch of questions related to AD9910 multichip synchronization. I'm trying to use two AD9910 in sync, but can't figure out few things:


1) Can I synchronize the two DDS using only the evaluation software?

2) If so, how would the I/O_Update be applied? I don't have any external circuitry for this signal.

3) Referring to CN0121, What's the purpose of SYNC_OUT of master being looped back via ADCLK846 buffer into the SYNC_IN of the master? Instead of using ADCLK846, can I directly loop back  SYNC_OUT of Master AD9910 into its own SYNC_IN, as well as in the SYNC_IN of the slave DDS (Would fan out be a problem in that case)?

4) What are the configuration settings of CFR to use two DDS in master and slave mode?


I would appreciate any help