PTP radio with ad9361

Discussion created by jkosinsk on Dec 6, 2014
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I have laboratory kit which contains two Zedboards with AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ and I would like to create some demo software to do Point-to-point link like microwave link ethernet bridge (sth just like Ubnt/Mikrotik) between this two zedboards using of course ethernet port and ad9361 with antennas in each board.

My question is to do this kind of software is it better to implement my own low level driver in kernel in linux(modified linaro) which get the stream from dac/adc and convert it to ethernet (only L2). Or maybe better way is to do this using only PL logic only vhdl library for ad9361 and then write samples to ddr and then maybe some ipcore for ethernet(which one???) in standalone application.


The problem is when I use Linux application (for beginning) i must read from ad9361 buffors using libiio library and then do modulation/coding and then send it to the eth linux driver which I don't know how to modify and how to use it to send L2 packets (I found some info about sockets) and finally how to test it..I must write my own ethernet driver to do this or is it just some way to use linaro driver?


Could you provide me some advice/examples/tips with ethernet drivers & adc/dac to get ethernet streaming Tx/Rx?

In my opinion I preffer linux application (later driver module compiled in kernel) but don't know how to start...


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