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Queries about ADL5902’s Response Time and Noise

Question asked by WayneQ on Dec 5, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by enash

Hi, there

I have some queries about the response time and noise of ADL5902 and need your help.

From Figure 46 in the datasheet, assuming CLPF is 100nf, the noise is low and the rise time is about 100us, however the fall is about 5ms… the fall is too long for my design… my design is for LTE 2.6GHz band and hope to have the fall time within 1ms.

If fall time is 1ms, CLPF should be 10nf. Therefore, the noise increases. Seems it could be filtered by RC network at VOUT from Figure 47. The Rfilter is 2kohm and Cfilter is 10nf. Is that ok?

I also read Table 6 in the datasheet, the output noise is high…

Simply, my design is TD-LTE 2.6GHz band. I hope to get the fall time less than 1ms and noise less than 50mV. Is it possible for ADL5902? If so, could you please help recommend CLPF and RC filter? If not, could you please recommend any other product as replacement or solutions?

Really appreciating your kindly help here!