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About AD9361 RX register setting

Question asked by on Dec 5, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by tlili

Dear Sir,


We used AD9361 +Xilinx ZC706 platform for implement our navigation device but have no idea about AD9361 register setting.Would you kind to help as below ?If possible to know the register address to modify easily. Thanks.


  1. How to set RX TIA /BB LPF (low pass filter) & RX HB1~3 ? for this case, requirement is to 56Mhz bandwidth.
  2. How to set Local Oscillator? for the case, requirement is 1560~1610Mhz for Mixer.
  3. How to set ADC sampling rate? for this case, requirement is 112 MSPS (Or this item depend on which bandwidth be setting)
  4. How to enable automatic DC nulling and  IQ correction?
  5. Meanwhile, if any other parameters need to modify ? Ext. FIR filter or others need to fine tune.
  6. Are there any modulation in AD9361? Or, just output original data directly to I/O port based on transmission protocol, LTE, GPS and so on.