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AD5933 phase data issue

Question asked by mikeml on Dec 4, 2014
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I'm programming the AD5933 chip. I'm doing several tests now to validate the data that I get from the code that I wrote.

For that I use the *default* values of the EVM board (start = 30kHz, increment frequency = 2, number of increment = 10, RFB=100K and

calibration resistor= 100K, excitation = 2V ). The gain factor that I get for mid point frequency calibration is pretty much the same as the one output by the EVM UI - for example, with the evaluation board I get "1.02013E-9" and with my code I get "1.02006E-009". I suppose this is acceptable? The computed impedance is also pretty close.

The real issue is with the phase - I get around 69 degrees with my code but the phase data when computed in the EVM is zero. What could be the reason for that?