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ADuCRF101 Cortex-M3 static current 2mA

Question asked by gigabeatle on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by PatrickN


I would like to use ADuCRF101 for some really low power project. But I have found that there is some kind of "static" current of 2 mA everytime when when the cortex-M3 core is turned on, doesn't matter on its clock frequency. I have some experiences with few Cortex-M3 based MCUs (ADuCM360) and I think that they cores should be pretty much the same, but their current consumption are based on "uA/Mhz" core current + some peripherals current, not "static" part. I have tried to turn off every peripheries, but I have not been able to do less than 2 mA during active or flexi mode. This is something which I would not expect from MCU which is "designed for low power, wireless applications". The value of 2 mA is also pretty well hidden in datasheet and not placed next to the another power consumption specs at the beginning of document.


So I would like to ask if there is any way how to eliminate this current?


I have made these tests on EV-ADUCRF101MK1Z evaluation board powered by ~2,8V directly without using onboard LDO and LEDs.