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video stability issue on sink

Question asked by jps3 on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2014 by GuenterL



I have the following setup:


our brd has an adv7850 & adv7626 on it. so the output from the adv7850 goes into the input of the adv7626 out to hdmi output connector.


when doing 1920x1200, 60hz over hdmi, the sink or downstream device will about every few minutes or so show a video "glitch". if I use one of our other brds(uses same adv7850 on input side) as the sink, it will lose vert. lock & then it re-locks every few minutes.


if I do the same resolution using the 7850 & 7626 eval brds, there is no issue. If I then take the i2c dumps(hdmi rx/tx maps) from these brds & then apply them to our brd, it does not have any affect on the problem with our brd.


I have seen this with multiple sinks & sources now. so my question is, do you think this could be a tmds equalization problem or something else? can anyone point me to some register settings I can experiment with?


the worse thing here is that i dont know which chip(7850 or 7626) is causing the problem because the issue is only seen on the downstream sink