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Main map register 0x41 [4] of ADV7511W.

Question asked by Tamu on Dec 4, 2014
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I have questions about main map register 0x41 bit4 of ADV7511W.


There is a following description about the register on ADV7511W_Programming_Guide.pdf P.150.
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Could you tell me the function of the register?
When we set 0x41[4] to 0 accidently, could you tell me whether it affects behavior of ADV7511W or not?
If it affects, could you tell me what may occur with 0x41[4] = 0?


The customer's product has been shipping with 0x41[4] = 0 accidently.
So they want to know what may occur with 0x41[4] = 0.


Thank you.
Best regards.