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AD9361 Continous Receive

Question asked by jsaylor on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by rejeesh

Using the ad9361 hdl, how can I continuously receive data? IE what registers in what squence will allow me receive ADC data and have ADC_DVAL = '1'? 


I have followed the setup scripts provided by SBT/Analog and verified writing to the registers requested with the desired values. Enabling all channels on the chip toggle reset, and so on. But when I view the signals the ADC_DATA = "DEAD" and DVAL = '1' until I run the script. At this point ADC_DATA = (valid data) and DVAL = '0', this doesn't allow for the constant streaming I desire, I've built my own receiving circuit to manipulate the data between the the DMAC and the AD9361 hdl components but need to have the AD9361 pump data forever.


Appreciate all the help I can get, been stuck on this for a few days... need help ASAP!


Thank you,