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Using EVAL-AD7656-1SDZ with SDP-FMC-IB1Z and Xilinx FPGA board

Question asked by roengrut on Dec 3, 2014
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I am really new to post this discussion in the Engineer Zone. Actually, I am a very beginner using Analog Devices products. Please suggest/apologize me if I miss anything or repost the discussion topic.


I plan to use EVAL-AD7656-1SDZ board with my Xilinx ML605 FPGA board. I have searched a lot of information on how to easily mate these 2 boards together. So I found that the solution is just using the SDP to FMC Interposer Board (SDP-FMC-IB1Z). I also decide to buy the SDP-B Controller board (EVAL-SDP-CB1Z) in order to evaluate and test the ADC. I have tried to find the pins of the SDP connector on EVAL-SDP-CB1Z that are mapped to FMC pins but having a very hard time finding this information.  The reason I ask is that I will need to map the ML605 pins to the necessary pins to communicate with EVAL-AD7656-1SDZ, for example, CS, RD, WR (all active low), BUSY, and especially the CONVST pins (CONVST A, CONVST B, CONVST C) and the DATA pins (DB15 ... DB0). Initially, I assume the CON_PAR_DATA[x]'s are mapped to the DATA pins but I don't know what the other pins are. I just know that the J2 socket on the EVAL-AD7656-1SDZ is used to connect the controller. You can see the attached jpeg files. The first jpeg-file is for Kintex-7 (KC705) board, just to visualize the connection and the 2nd jpeg-file tells you the signals I want to interface.


Thank you very much for your time and I hope to receive any suggestions soon. Have a great day.