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ADV7625 OSD Problem

Question asked by yeguiyou002 on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2015 by Poornima

Hi All,

     When switch the input source of our product,some machines may be lose OSD ,or some just display box,no text display.Or some other may be just display text and no box.But some machines are work normal with the same FW.I read out the OSD map registers,is look like normal.When appear this problem,I reset the OSD by set the Bit7 of the  register 0x00 to reset.After reset OSD,and then pop up the menu ,it can display normal.So I don't known what cause this.But I doubt may be cause by the codes which generate by the Blimp tool.I usd the Blimp_3.7Exp8 to design the OSD.The attachment is the project of our OSD.Do you have a quick way to find the reason,and we wait to lot size produce.And I had used Oscilloscope to see the SPI interface,and the signal Waveform look normal.