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bit SMACK value behavior for BF609 CAN in hibernate/resume

Question asked by Aaronwu Employee on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by Prashant



For the built in sleep mode for CAN, the HRM says, "Once this mode is entered, many of the internal CAN module clocks are shut off,reducing power consumption, and the CAN_INT.SMACK bit is set"


So, In my code, I would expect the SMACK bit to be set when setting CAN into sleep mode by setting the CAN_CTL.SMR bit, and it works perfectly as the HRM says in CPU normal or sleep mode, however, After I set the CPU in hibernate mode and wake it up again, this SMACK will never be set even if I set CAN_CTL.SMR and wait for long enough to 1ms.


For CCA bit for example, I saw there are differences when coming out from hibernate "If not coming out of processor reset or hibernate, enter configuration mode by setting the CAN_CTL.CCR bit and poll the CAN_STAT register until CAN_STAT.CCA is set"


What should I have missed or is there a validated copy of code for this?