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AD-FMCOMMS4-EBZ start up

Question asked by devito on Dec 2, 2014
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I am interested in evaluating the FMCOMMS4 board with the ZC702 board (as currently there is a 6 week lead time for the Zedboard) to prototype a receiver design using the AD9364 chip


I've been bouncing around from the datasheet to user guide and design files and am having a hard time keeping all the information straight. I'm also not sure if I'm confusing the FMCOMMS2/3/4 information since they are all similar butoften the pictures show FMCOMMS2 or AD9361, not FMCOMM4 or AD9364. I don't want to misinterpret the information before purchasing the boards


I wanted to get clarification on how easy the setup will be. It looks like the boards just plug into each other and there is a program test to run that they are communicating properly, but I can't tell from the documents what the interface software is. I found this presentation and was wondering if the interface would be the same for the ZC702 with the FMCOMMS4?

I need to be able to analyze the bits received, which I think will be done through the ZC702 UART? I haven't yet determined if I will use the on board transmitter or an external source to feed the RXin. Would the interface software look at the received data or does it get stored to the SD card and then I'll have to post process it?


I also want to verify that I can use a Windows system to set this up?


I am not seeing the hdl files here Releases · analogdevicesinc/hdl · GitHub

so I'm wondering what I will exactly need to test the AD-FMCOMMS4 board in addition to a carrier?