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How to get the value of Digital MIC input with ADAU1761

Question asked by HuskyChan on Oct 23, 2010
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by ColemanR

I got the eval board. I want to control this IC with MCU through I2c port. I used the Digital MIC as input.

Now, I sat the REG as follow:


R0=0x01;//Core Clock enabled

R1=0x20;//Digital MIC input

R15=0x01;//Serial port master mode

R19=0x14;//Digital MIC input enable, ADCs off

R39=0xA0;//LRCLK & BCLK pull-up

R66=0x02;//Digital clock generator 1 on


After these setting, BCLK generate a 3.08MHz wave, and the Digital MIC data output is OK(PDM).

I read the data of some registers by I2C. Those data followed my setting.

How can I get the value of Digital MIC through I2C?

I am sorry, my English is not well. But I am really need your help!