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AD8599 input voltage range back-to-back protection diodes

Question asked by dirkson on Dec 2, 2014
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I have a question about the input voltage range.


My circuit looks like:



I have seen, there are ESD protection diodes between the positive and negative input.


At the absolut maximum ratings I find (page 5):

Differential Input Voltage*: ±1 V

*If the differential input voltage exceeds 1 V, limit the current to 5 mA


My input signal is ue=+-2Vrms sinus and fe=0..100kHz.

Can I get problems with the ESD protection diodes on the input? Should I choose an other opv with a higher input range?


My consideration was, that the opv makes the voltage on the negativ input pin to 0V. If I have no fast changing of the input voltage, the difference between the negativ and positiv input voltage can not increase about the forward voltage of the ESD protection diodes - +-1V.


Thank you in advance.


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