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ADV7611 + ADV7513 combo setup

Question asked by IvanT on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by GuenterL

Dear engineers,


We are designing a device for mass production which will contain a HDMI capture block, consisting of several chips:


1. ADV7611 which captures HDMI and separates video and audio

2. AD DSP which receives I2S audio from ADV7611 for further processing

3. ADV7513 which receives paralel video (without audio) from ADV7611 and passes it further into the system


In EDID for ADV7611, we set the following supported modes:

1. VIC-4 (720p@60) and VIC-16 (1080p@60), the latter being default

2. PCM and AC3 audio in 96/48/44.1 kHz, 16 and 24 bits, stereo only


ADV7611 initialization is done as recommended in the script version 3.0c (example 6-4b), while ADV7513 initialization is done following the guidelines in "ADV7513 Programming Guide" (essentially, 24-bit 4:4:4 input mode, 16:9 input, 4:4:4 output).


I also registered interrupt handlers for TMDS clock detection, cable detection etc. on ADV7611, as well as CEC Tx Ready on ADV7513.



I was wondering:


1. Since the audio parameters are not known in advance, how do I recognize current audio format on ADV7611 (sample rate, bit depth etc)? I need to pass it to the DSP via I2C when I detect the audio.


2. Will video format (VIC-4 or VIC-16) outputted by ADV7611 be automatically detected by ADV7513 in register 0x3E, as stated in the Programming Guide section 4.3.3? Or should I also set it manually in ADV7513's register 0x3C (e.g. by reading LINE_WIDTH_x and FIELD0_HEIGHT_x on ADV7611 when I detect the signal locked to VSync)?



The hardware is not done yet, but I should have the software ready when I get the system for testing. Currently I can only guess if this will work. Any other things I should pay attention to?



Thanks and best regards