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ADV7533 support 1.2V signals MIPI data input

Question asked by JerryS on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by JerryS

Hello, Sir


As ADV7533 data sheet description, it support ultra-low power operation with V1P2 pin.

I am not sure that is ADV7533 support "1.2V MIPI data bus signals input" to ADV7533 from processor or not?

I found the A2VDD pins(1.8V) for MIPI/DPHY input in data sheet. it seems to another MIPI power.

I am a little confused.

if I want to ADV7533 support 1.2V MIPI data input to ADV7533, is it only workable to connect V1P2 pin to 1.2V workable for this requirement?

Thank you.