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ADIS16365 accelerometer null bias issue

Question asked by benwang on Dec 1, 2014
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Hello Sir,


I am ADI FAE now supporting a ESP project, where ADIS16365 is used as benchmark to test another accel/gyro product (DUT 2), both ADIS16365 & DUT2 are placed & mounted on the same object, the signal chain is as ADIX16365 -> SPI -> DSP <- SPI <- DUT2. At stationary both ADIX16365 & DUT2 are accelerometer data sampled by DSP with the same time base, the result is as attached that indicates ADIX16365 is poor performance compared to DUT2 on accelerometer bias spec. as mentioend ADIS is better performance compared to standalone g sensor & gyro sensor by using internal alglorithm to cancel biase & noise but why the test result is not the case or anything else for ADIS16365 should be paid attention to improve bias performance.


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Ben Wang


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