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Conflicting export data when using 2 projects

Question asked by MagicRuB on Oct 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2015 by bobw

I'm working on something that is using two SigmaDSP ADAU144x chips which is controlled by a single processor. I can make a C/C++ project that can deal with them one at a time but when I combine them there are lots of overlap in the generated .h export files that cause compiling errors due to conflicting constant values. Luckily I'm using two similar ADAU144x chips so most of the overlap matches perfectly but since they're configured differently some of the config values conflict while the addresses do not.


1) Is there a way to make a single Sigma Studio project that can take advantage of naming the second DSP export code as _IC2. I can add another IC2 (were an EEPROM would go) but they share the same schematic and same single DSP resources.


2) The two Sigma projects are running at two different speeds, does that cause problems in a single project?


3) Some export fields are not named _IC1 and therefor will still conflict, is there a way around that? Example: "PROGRAM_SIZE" and "R14_DSP_REGS_Default[]" have different values.


4) Functions like "default_download()" are common but with different data, is there a way around that? default_download_IC2() maybe?