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Using external spdif tranceivers with ADAU1452

Question asked by chuckwin on Dec 1, 2014
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My questions pertains to clock connections on the ADAU1452 when using external spdif transceivers.


My design requires 2 spdif  inputs and outputs to be processed by the ADAU1452.


I have elected to use 2 WM8804 Wolfson transceivers which provide I2S output, so no need to use dsp's onboard spdif I/O. For the moment I am assuming 44.1/48kHz everywhere.


The dsp is using a 12.288MHz crystal, with XTALOUT pin going into an 8-output clock buffer. I am clocking the spdif ICs from the clock buffer, so everything is synchronized to crystal.


The I2S out of each spdif IC goes into its own SDATA_IN on the dsp. The dsp will then slave from BCLK/LRCLK of the spdif IC.


Question is, to what clock domain do I connect the output side of the dsp when sending its SDAT_OUT  back to the spdif IC? I presume it needs to clock from the same source. So is it OK to connect the input-side clock domain on the dsp to the output-side clock domain?


Would you advise buffering BCLK and LRCLK from the spdif IC so that each clock domain on the dsp is driven form it's own low-z source?


Thanks for any advice you can offer me.