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AD8336 Output signal level

Question asked by Tak-8810 on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by Tak-8810

I assembled the circuit that was referring to the Figure5 in the AN-934 in order to make the operation test of the AD8336.

In order to operate the AD8336 by itself, we have entered a 250mVp-p sine wave.

When I set GNEG=0.75V and GPOS=1.5V, output signal became square wave of ±5Vpp.

Could you please tell me what to do in order to make the output signal to 250mV of the sine wave?


add 12/2/2014

Circuit structure and resistance value are same as the Figure5 in the AN-934.

I am supplying the voltage directly to the GPOS and GNEG without AD736, AD8551 and ADP3339.

Please advice me about this issue.