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Batch build generates bad dependencies

Question asked by MartinV on Oct 21, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2010 by CraigG

I have a project that has over 30 different build configurations. I am trying to use 'batch build' so I can re-build all build configurations at once. It works but every so often some of the build configurations will fail to build producing the following error:


C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\gmake-378: *** No rule to make target `ProjectName_basiccrt.doj', needed by `Build/ProjectName/BuildName/ProjectName.dxe'.  Stop.
After inspecting the .mak file generated by the IDDE, I noticed that the builds that are failing are missing the file path for the automatically generated file "ProjectName_basiccrt.doj" on the line of the make file that is invoking the linker. If I turn off batch build and re-generate the dependencies for one of the build configurations that failed during batch build, the generated .mak file (now for just a single build) is identical to the section of the .mak file generated under batch build pertaining to the same build configuration, with the only difference being that the correct file path is now added in front of the file "ProjectName_basiccrt.doj".
This behavior is not consistent - i.e. at different attempts to do a 'rebuild' under a 'batch build' different build configurations will fail. I have also noticed that there is some inconsistent behavior in terms of when dependencies are being regenerated. At the start of the build sequence, the progress bar titled 'Updating project dependencies. Please wait...' will stay on for a long time, with the progress bar going to the far right and resetting itself again. This I  where the .mak file with all the different build configurations is being generated. However, later in between builds of different configurations, this process will repeat again, but it occurs at random points - i.e. not always between the same build configurations.
Has anyone been able to successfully use batch build?