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ADM1270 Surge Stopper Function

Question asked by TWN on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by LucaV

Dear Sir:

Linear Tech. LT4356-x spec. similar to the  ADM1270. But LT4356-X all highlighted surge stopper protects(Clamp) function. I very care this function(See Figure 1), I wonder ADM1270 have any surge stopper protector features, if there is whether we can provide the test data (charts) give me a reference?


On the market is very much similar to ADM1270 using N-MOSFET, why only ADM1270 using P-MOSFET, use N-MOSFET or P-MOSFET can tell me what advantages and disadvantages, have any some reference Information (chart) can provide to me refer. please?


Figure 1-LT4356-Surge/Clamp