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Two Questions about AD6676

Question asked by 0dBc on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by 0dBc

1) Is the eval board compatible with standard FMC carrier boards (such as ML605)?


2) What is the ultimate BW limit? I played with the online "AD6676 Remote Test Tool" and with the following settings AD6676 can digitize more than 200 MHz of bandwitdh:


  • FIF=450 MHz
  • BW=160 MHz
  • BWL=BWU=30
  • Decimation Mode=Dec-by-12


With these settings, when I run a signal transfer function test I get Upper -3dB corner as 564 MHz and lower -3dB corner 342 MHz. Please see the attached plot. Hence it seems it is possible to digitize more than 200 MHz of BW with AD6676. Is it really so? Why did you limit the bandwidth at 160 MHz in the specifications?