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ADV7511 & AD9984A Basic Bringup

Question asked by staringlizard on Nov 29, 2014
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I have a board very much similar to the evaluation board provided by Analog Devices (attached). I would like to know what is the expected outcome for the following scenario:


0. Power up board.

1. Plug in VGA cable from a laptop.

2. Plug in HDMI cable to a monitor and wait for HPD.

3. Initialize ADV7511 according to the "SECTION 3 - QUICK START GUIDE".

4 .Let the AD9984A have its default values.


Currently I do not get any signal at all for the monitor (message is "check signal cable"), however I do get data coming from AD9984A going into ADV7511. There is nothing wrong with I2C and I can communicate with the two devices without problems. I also get the HPD interrupt and I will then do the initialization stuff dictaded by the data sheet for ADV7511 (see step 3 above).


Any help or suggestion would be appreciated !