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ADAU1761 i2c address issue

Question asked by hosjel on Nov 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by JohnTo


I am using ADAU1761 and i have connected both ADDR1 and ADDR0 to GND.


ADAU1761 I2C ADDR Pins.png

According to the datasheet (Table 21), the ADAU1761 12c address for writing to a register might be 0x70. and for reading might be 0x71.


Am I right?


My DSP is responsing when I used 0x38 for writing to a register, but I get Nack for 0x70.

I try to use 0x39, 0x71 as address for reading a register, but I got Nack.


Can somebody please help me this? I have used a lot of time for solving this problem.


Thank you in advance


ADAU1761 I2C Address.png