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Dejitter Register of ADAU1761

Question asked by TomY on Oct 21, 2010
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I have a question about Dejitter Register of ADAU1761.

In the startup sequence, SigmaStudio communicate to ADAU1761 evaluation board as follows.


ModeTimeParam NameParam
BytesParam Data
Block Write14:49:16 - 860msIC 1.DSP Run Register1663010x01
Block Write14:49:16 - 860msIC 1.Sample Rate Setting1661910x01
Block Write14:49:16 - 860msIC 1.Dejitter Register Control1643810x00
Block Write14:49:16 - 860msIC 1.Dejitter Register Control1643810x03

Why Dejitter Register is set after setting of DSP Run?

I'm not sure but normally DSP Run should be set in the last?

Please give me your comments.