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AD9361 Calibration and its contraints

Question asked by ENGINEER on Nov 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by mhennerich

Hi ADI Team,

                    I wanted to know if the Calibration constraints [listed in Reference Manual of ad9361] have been taken care inside the ad9361 github code. I am talking about the Calibration constraints listed in the table [UG-570 AD9361 Reference Manual] [Page 6].


Table 1. Initialization Calibrations Detailed in this Section


The code i am talking about is the Configuration code written by ADI at this GITHUB link


So, in other words, with a slight change in frequency [less than 1MHz shift in LO Frequency], AD9361 Code [github code] should be able to bypass Charge pump calibration and other applicable calibrations as listed in the Table 1.


Please let me know if my understanding of Calibration bypass [for example, For 1 MHz change in LO Frequency the Charge Pump calibration is not required....according to the table] is correct and let me know if the code is taken care of such re-configurations.



RC Reddy