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Queries about ADIsimPLL......

Question asked by adi_yu Employee on Oct 22, 2010
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I am Alex, a new comer in ADI. I used ADIsimPLL V3.30 and had some queries about it.

I designed a loop filter with ADF4002, and there is a parameter of 1/f PN found. The screenshot is as below


Then I tried with ADF4350, there also is 1/f PN with different value. The screenshot is as belwo:


I also tried with ADF4116, but there is no 1/f PN any more...

There are some queries puzzling me.

1, what does 1/f PN mean? Why do ADF4002 and ADF4350 have it, while ADF4110 does not? 

2, what factors determine the 1/f PN? Is it determined by the chip itself?

3, has it been calculated in the Total PN?


Thanks in advance for your kind help!