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Question asked by elvisjohndowson on Nov 27, 2014
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I'd like to create a 2x2 MIMO HIL example using the ZC706 + AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ board.


Most of the simulink models that simulate a MIMO channel provide perfect channel state information (CSI) back to the receiver.


For example, refer the Concatenated OSTBC with TCM - MATLAB & Simulink Example




Q01: If I were to adapt this model for use with the AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ, in a 2x1 or 2x2 MIMO configuration, how can I go about computing the CSI for the OSTBC Combiner block on the receiver side?


In terms of book references, I'm using the following:


01. MIMO | 978-0-12-382194-2 | Elsevier

02. MIMO Wireless Communications | 978-0-12-372535-6 | Elsevier

03. MIMO Wireless Networks | 978-0-12-385055-3 | Elsevier


Additionally, looking at the 4G LTE Advanced and 802.11n WiFi standards, the pilot signal is used to compute the CSI on the receiver side.


I would also need to transmit the CSI back to the transmitter in the model, to implement closed-loop control.


Q02: What elements constitute the CSI? e.g. delays, gains, etc?


Q03: Is there hardware support to compute elements of the CSI and receive it directly from the AD9361 RF transceiver for each channel?




Elvis Dowson