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Amplitude Modulation Question

Question asked by t.stern on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by KJBob

I just started an amplitude modulator design in SigmaStudio, The 1st thing I would like to do it to setup different modulation wave forms and select the one I want to use with a switch. That signal is multiplied with the incoming audio signal to create the effect (this is at an early stage). I have noticed that when selecting the square wave, no modulation accrues. Why is that?


2nd, How can I create more complex wave forms to use as modulation sources?


3rd, In the current form the AM depth is set to 100%, how can I control that?


4th, I want to setup the program to have all the parameters typed in and the next step would be adjusting them all by writing to registers with a micro-controller, is this the common approach?


5th, What are the gain ranges here? Is this going between 0 and 1? Or between -1 and 1?