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ad9265 Input Delay

Question asked by chadgentry on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by chadgentry

I've been working with a ad9265 on a zed board and am having problems with the input data delays.  I'm using the ad9467 project with the device tree configured to look for the ad9265 chip.  I also ported the project to the zc706 and am still having trouble.


It seems when the driver is loading and trying to find the value for the data idelays, it can't find any value that works.  The driver appears to use the same delay value for all idelays which doesn't work.  The idelays need to be different.


Is there any way to make this driver work without rewriting the whole algorithm that determines the delays?  Is there any constraint or anything that I could add to vivado that'll help?


Is it unusual for the idelays to need different values?