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Critical Updates for the IwIP in 4.0 and above

Question asked by chad_unbehaun on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by CraigG

Sorry for the vagueness of this discussion but I am looking to ask if there were any critical updates involving IwIP in Visual DSP++ 4.0 or greater that may affect the issue we are having.  We use the blackfin chip on one of our medical devices and in an unfortunate bit of fate lost the PC that had the Visual DSP compiler on it.  We are attempting to rebuild the project using the exact same code but we are getting a weird behavior. Before the chip would send a tcp packet to the client and would get an immediate response.  Now, the chip sends a tcp packet, the client responds immediately but it is taking the chip 40 ms to return from the read where as before it would take microseconds.


Any help or advise is appreciated.