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Host DMA Hrdy and Timeout issue

Question asked by jpb on Oct 20, 2010
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I have a host that communicate with the BF527 using the Host DMA port.


Sometimes, the pin HRDY is asserted forever, holding the host indefinately. In what sittuation this could happen? If i halt the emulator and reset the register HOST_CONTROL manually, the HDRY is disasserted and continues to work properly.


I tryied to use the register HOST_TIMEOUT to reset the Host DMA in the ISR, but the bit HOSTDP_TOUT on HOST_STATUS is never set.


The Host DMA registers:


*pHOST_TIMEOUT = 0x3C; // (30us)

*pHOST_CONTROL = EHR | EHW | 0x4 | 0x1 | 0x80;


Any ideia why the timeout isn't working?



Chip Rev. 0.2

VisualDSP 5.0 Update 5



João Paulo Bodanese