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ADV7125 input output pin

Question asked by daisu on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2014 by GuenterL

Hello all,


Please let me know your advice about below pin described in Table 6. Pin Function Descriptions.


   Please let me know  the function of Power  Save Control


   Is IOG=26.7mA correct ?
   Should I estimate  a value of IOG ?


  How many capacitance of bypass condencer  do you recommend ?



   Is there any problem with the connection to 5V through 0.1uF ?   
   Why should I use 0.1uF ?
   Is there any effect by increasing or decreasing this value ?


5.BLANK# and SYNC#

   What signal is Composite Blank Control input ?
   If we do not use this signal, can I use 5 V connection ?


   What is recommended capacitance of bypass condencer  at 5V power supply ?
   If there is any notice about power supply, please let me know your advice.


   We use GND guard pattern at CLOCK line.
   If there is any notice about this, please let me know your advice.


8. R7 to R2
   When digital R data is 6bit,  can I use  the connection of R[7:2] -> DIGITAL_R[5:0]  ?
   Are there any problem when we use the same connection as above about G[7:2] and B[7:2]  ?


9.R2 to R0 G2 to G0 B2 to B0
   Can I connect these pins to GND when these pins are not used pins ?