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DAC-to-DAC crosstalk

Question asked by trosen on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by harryh

Hi All,

Does anyone know if the DAC-to-DAC crosstalk value in the data sheets is a typical or worst-case value?


I'm thinking of using the 32-channel AD5360 DAC for a noise-sensitive application.  The listed DAC-to-DAC crosstalk value of 10 nVs (page 5) and especially Figure 11 of page 12 are a concern.  It's not good if there is 5 mV of noise for 2 microsec on each channel, every time I update one of the 31 other channels.  More generally, the "DAC-to-DAC crosstalk" term would seem to be a bigger concern than the "Digital-to-Analog Glitch Energy" which is only 5 nVs, and on the channel being updated.


So I'm wondering whether this is worst-case or typical?  If nobody answers, I'll try to post some measurement data here.


Happy Thanksgiving,