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ZC706 ad9680_eval project

Question asked by mike.ericson on Nov 24, 2014
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Is the HDL project ad9680_eval/zc706 still being supported?  I tried both the hdl_2014_r1 branch and the master branch and neither worked.  From the log file, it looks like the port names on axi_9680_core changed at some point:


WARNING: [BD 5-235] No pins matched 'get_bd_pins axi_ad9680_core/adc_dwr'

WARNING: [BD 5-235] No pins matched 'get_bd_pins axi_ad9680_core/adc_dsync'

WARNING: [BD 5-235] No pins matched 'get_bd_pins axi_ad9680_core/adc_ddata'


Instead, these signals are split into _0 and _1 halves.


Also, there is this warning:


WARNING: [BD 41-597] NET <axi_ad9680_gt_rx_clk> has no source


Is there a way to sync the hdl repository so that this project can build?


Also, is there a pre-built image that can be loaded onto the ZC706 board?  I have the latest boot images and none match this project name.


Thanks in advance,