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How to use both PWM modules and ACM module in BF506F?

Question asked by mauri1106 on Oct 20, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2010 by WassimB

Hello guys,

     I need to drive 2 single-phase inverter so I need to use only two channel on both PWM modules and, in addiction, I need to use ADC with ACM module.

Reading the HW reference manual, I noted that I have to activate PWM0_CHB and PWM0_CHC together (while I would to use CHA and CHB), but in this case I can't activate RFS0 and DR0PRI because these signals are shared with channel A and B of PWM0 in PORTF_MUX Register (Bit[5:4]).

Obviously, I can't use SPORT1 signals, because they are shared on the same pins of PWM1 B and C signals.


Is really not possible to use both PWM modules (also to drive 2 single phase bridges instead of 2 3-phases bridge) and ACM module at the same time?


Thanks a lot for your support