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Specified triangle wave on EZ-KIT 21469

Question asked by Skaucik on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by DaveThib

Hi guys!

I have ADSP 21469 EZ-KIT board and i my task looks like thise.

During each samples period ( 44.1 kHz) i make interpolation (x8) and want to generate triangular wave 352.8 kHZ and count time when line which go through two next samples and cut triangle wave.

How to generate triangle wave: is there specified tool (like function) to create triangle wave with specified period?

Is it right way witch i'm thinking?: If i generate 8 period of triangle wave in whole period of 44.1 kHZ i get triangle wave in 352.8 kHz?

I think that i should do math for equation of each section next samples and do math for equation of rising and falling edge triangle wave, and using crossing points equation i would get solve, am i right?

Please is there any way to solve this?


Thanks for your time!