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ADP2108-3.0 output at 1V

Question asked by Scott14468 on Nov 22, 2014
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I have the same situation as several other posters with an ADP2108-3.0 whose output sits at about 1V.  With the output at 1V, my circuit is drawing about 45 mA.


I have added a 4.7 uF X5R 0603 input capacitor across Vin and ground, still doesn't work.  If I disconnect the output load (I have a series current sampling resistor), the output sits at 3.0V like it should.  The circuit is on a 6-layer PCB,reg.png


There is a dedicated ground layer.  I've used one of the recommended inductors, and 10 uF tantalum input and output capacitors (before adding the 4.7 uF ceramic input cap).