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AD9361 Charge Pump Cal Timeout / ad9361_txrx_synth_cp_calib()

Question asked by BlakeM on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by rxp613

Hi, I'm getting a Calibration TIMEOUT (0x244, 0x80) error message when I run ad9361_txrx_synth_cp_calib().


I have the AD9361 integrated on custom hardware, but I am using the stock firmware drivers from github. I modified the reference design in Vivado to remove the features we aren't using (audio cores, HDMI, I2C, etc), but the rest of the blocks (including the AD9361 core) are unchanged. I'm using Vivado 2014.2. I know that version is not supported, but I don't think that's related to this issue. We are using the AD9524 to create a 40 MHz reference and have set xo_disable_use_ext_refclk_enable to 1. The BBPLL locks so I am assuming there is no issue with the reference clock.


The software runs fine until the ad9361_txrx_synth_cp_calib() routine, which gives the error message above. I have tried increasing the timeout beyond the 5000 in the ad9361_check_cal_done() routine, and tried moving the calibrations to be done in a different order, but I am still having the issue.


I know there isn't much you can do since it's our hardware, but I'm wondering if there any specifics about the routine that aren't in the documentation that may help us isolate the problem? Which external pins feed into the charge pump or affect the calibration that we might be driving incorrectly? Or any suggestions about voltage levels we can check on our board that may affect the calibration?