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New JTAG Connections (10 pin)

Question asked by AlClark on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2014 by AlClark

Recently ADI started using a small 2x5 box header with 50mil pitch for JTAG. This connector is supported by the ICE-1000 & ICE-2000.

The ICE-2000 has an adapter for the 2x7 legacy ADI JTAG header. The ICE-1000 has two on-board connectors.


EE-68, the living document that describes ADI JTAG connections has not yet been updated to address a number of new issues, so perhaps someone could summarize here:


1. Can you provide the part numbers of the box headers that you would use on a target board?


     A.     What are the expected clearances around the header? I noticed that if you use an ICE-1000, the box header clearances need to be quite large as compared to the box header since the ICE-1000 will get in the way of adjacent parts if you are not careful.


     B. Do you always expect the target board to remove a pin from the box header for a key or are you going to rely on the box header shroud polarity cutout?


2. Can you supply a suitable part number for the 2x5 female receptacle that is on the ICE-1000. This will be needed for various production situations including support from our dspFlash programmer. I noticed that many 2x5 female receptacles are available but generally without the key plastic nub that most ribbon cables include.. This means that if you are not careful, you could reverse an adapter.


3. Are there generic replacement ribbon cables for the ICE-2000?


4. Is ADI going to make a reverse adapter to convert the larger 2x7 connectors to 2x5 50mil box header (opposite of the ICE-2000 adapter).?


Al Clark