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DPG3 and AD9129-EBZ Evaluation Board Jitter

Question asked by Brent.Scherwitz on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by Brent.Scherwitz

I am using the DPG3 and the AD9129-EBZ Evaluation Board to output different waveforms. I have the clock to the eval. board operating at 2.4GHz, and I am triggering the DPG3 with an external pulser. When looking at the trigger compared to the output of the eval. board, I am measuring about a 3ns jitter.


I was trying to determine where this jitter was originating from and was hoping to get more information on the DPG3 and how the trigger operates internally. I have tried adjusting the trigger and the clock frequencies, but the jitter seems to be the same.


What is the approximate jitter I should be seeing from the DPG3 and eval. board? Would it be possible to get a schematic on the DPG3?


Any help would be appreciated.



Brent Scherwitz