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Use ADAU1452 in embedded system - remote control via SigmaStudio (TCP/IP?)

Question asked by chriho on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by aventuri

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I see that SigmaStudio has TCPIPADAU1761 and one for ADAU1421, also there is TCPIP1940 interfaces available.

How would they be used in a project? I am trying to acomplish the same for my ADAU1452 project, where I would like to have SigmaStudio as a remote control for the DSP (for initial setup / tweaking the system) via TCP/IP. After that I would create a project that will be loaded onto my Processing Unit.


Is this even possible?

What are the TCPIPADAU1761 Communication Channels in SigmaStudio used with?

I could not find any hardware notes how this should be used.


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