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ADE 7753 Calibration Issues

Question asked by ChrisB-599 on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by dlath

Hi everyone,


I am very new to the ade 7753 metering chip and have been trying to calibrate it correctly (previous user tried some interesting techniques to get outputs to look right...)


I began by stepping through the ade7753 pdf  (  )


And have got a bit stuck with the watt gain outputs. I have been able to stick to the settings laid out in the example for the most part, but my device is outputting an LAEnergy of nearer ~60,000 (instead of expected ~19,000 with CFDEN of 489, or ~11,000 with CFDEN of 293) when running on 10A @ 220V with power factor of 0.999 (verified) ((accurate power source)).


The confusing bit is that if I change the CFDEN value it doesn't appear to change the LAEnergy output. Yet the example suggested that it should.

Could it be that the CT input is giving much larger values than the ade will ever expect and I should be looking at the hardware?

Or is there simply a magnitude of error that I should just attenuate before comparison to the Expected LAEnergy?



Thanks for any help, and sorry if I miss anything useful.

I'll be keeping a close eye so will provide anything that will help.