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ADV7180 Hsync not coming

Question asked by dev_ashish on Nov 20, 2014
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I am using ADV7180 for capturing from a S-Video interface connected to AIN1 in a custom board with a TI processor.


I am using the following register settings for ADV7180 which I got from ADV7180 Design Support Files from the site ADV7180 Design Support Files .


42 00 00 ; INSEL = CVBS in on AIn 1

42 04 57 ; Enable SFL

42 17 41 ; select SH1

42 31 02 ; Clears NEWAV_MODE, SAV/EAV  to suit ADV video encoders

42 3D A2 ; MWE Enable Manual Window, Colour Kill Threshold to 2

42 3E 6A ; BLM optimisation

42 3F A0 ; BGB

42 0E 80 ; ADI Recommended Write

42 55 81 ; ADI Recommended Write


But after using these values to set ADV7180 I am not getting any signal on the Hsync pin when I probe it using oscilloscope. The read and write operation on ADV are working fine.


Can you tell me if I have to set any more register for setting the ADV chip? And how to know if the input to the ADV chip is coming fine?