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Unexpeted halt in debug / fatal error has occurred

Question asked by NicolasWay on Nov 20, 2014
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I currently programming an audio project on ADSP21489.

It uses several SPORT for TDM rx/tx, hardware SRC, SDRam for buffering, and UART0 for the communication.


When I'm running it on debug, periodically it halts with this message :

ERROR: Target halted due to software breakpoint but no breakpoint found at address: 0x..... ()

with each time a different address.


And sometimes it halts with this kind of error :

A fatal error or exception has occurred.

  Description:   No dispatched handler available for the specified interrupt code.

  General Type:  RunTimeError

  Specific Type: NoDispatchedHandler

  General Code:  0x8

  Specific Code: 0xb

  Error Value:   0x0c000009

  Error PC:      0x0012832a


When I'm running it from the SPI flash, I have a systematic crash, but depending of amount of data I'm sending by the UART Tx .

(No crash if I'm not using the UART)


Is there a link between these issues?

How can I avoid unexpected halt during debug?


(My UART sending runtime is taken from 21489 EZ-Board examples, with a software FIFO...)