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ZedBoard & fmcomms2 : running iiostream example

Question asked by Seb@Airbus on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by mn@ut


I've bee trying to run the iiostream example from the iio library following the step described in

I successfully compiled the library and examples, then got the following error when running ad9361-iiostream :

Error -2 writting to channel "rf_port_select"

Looking at the source code, the error seems to be generated when calling

iio_channel_attr_write_raw in channel.c @ 226

cfg_ad9361_streaming_ch (RX) in ad9361-iiostream.c @ 202


I looked for a solution in the following thread AD9361+Zedboard and AD9361_iiostream example

but unlike this person, i do have /dev/iio\:device3 and /dev/iio\:device4


Here attached are the logs of ./examples/ad9361-iiostream and ./test/iio_info


If you have any idea what the problem is, help would be appreciated


Thanks in advance



PS : i tried on another SDCard with a save of the original data (marked as January 2014 on the SDCard), redownloaded and installed the libiio, and still got the same error. I then ran the script, and still the same error.