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ADE7912: conformity to IEC 61010-1 3rd Edition

Question asked by apenasa on Nov 19, 2014
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Good morning,

we are certifying our new e-meter on which are mounted three ADE7912s.

In Europe, the EN 61010-1 is the reference standard for safety requirements of energy meters. Our e-meters are designed for industrial applications, therefore the line voltage for those applications is 400Vac and the e-meters will be installed inside electrical panels (installation category 3 - CAT III)


The certifier requires us some supplementary information on ADE7912 internal structure to be compliant with Annex K (clause K1.3.4) of the EN 61010-1 3rd Edition standard:

  1.   Number of internal isolation layers (layers of polyamide) between primary and secondary side;
  2.   Dielectric strength of each layers.


Are these information available? Or are they protected by copyright?


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